EATA – konferenca 2013

EATA vabi na konferenco, ki bo od 4. do 6. julija 2013 z naslovom

The Mystery and Facts of Human Encounter


Dear member:

EATA conference 2013.

On top of the list of what we want for Christmas, is a workshop proposal from you!
We have gratefully received some already, but we could use more!
It would mean a lot for a richer conference if you are willing to share and explore together with others any idea or experience you may have, relating to the theme.
If you are, please just click at this link below before the end of December:

You still have time to register as Early Bird!
Please follow this link for registration:

You register for Council, Exams, General Assembly, Conference and TEW at this site:

We invite you to visit the conference website on:

With enthusiastic regards
NTAF and Scientific committee

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