Vabilo na EATINO letno/jesensko šolo za transakcijsko analizo 2012

Macedonian Association for Transactional Analysis – MATA
A non-profit association, registered in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Subject: Invitation for the EATA Summer/Autumn School for Transactional Analysis 2012 in Macedonia
 Dear TA colleagues, TA Delegates and TA supporters,

Macedonian Association for Transactional Analysis invites you to the ЕАТА Eight Summer/Autumn School for Transactional Analysis 2012 in Macedonia”, scheduled from 28th to 30th of September 2012 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

The Summer/Autumn School is a joint effort of the European Association of Transactional Association – EATA and Macedonian Association for Transactional Analysis – MATA.

Respective professionals in the fields of Transactional Analysis are going to present topics and discus about

3 P’s – Protection, Permission and Potenc

  • What kind of permission do we need to be effective, successful, caring, etc.?
  • Which areas of protection do we need to consider e.g. to take care of ourselves and others? To be alert, rested and competent etc.?
  • How do we remain potent when working and how might we sabotage our potency?
  • Is it more likely to remain resilient and healthy, when we consider the three P’s?

 So far, we have confirmation from the Sabine Klingenberg – EATA President (Organizational TSTA – Germany), Marina Banic (Psychotherapy TSTA – Serbia), Nada Zanko (Psychotherapy TSTA – Croatia),  Bojan Pucelj (Educational TSTA – Slovenia) and Nevenka Miljkovic (Educational TSTA – Germany).

Following the idea that three (3) is a number with the intention to occur frequently in TA – there are three categories of ego-states; three roles in the drama triangle; three rules of communication, three P’s – Protection, Permission, Potency we are glad to provide you with three essential information.

1.     Event Location: Hall of ARM (Hall of Army of Republic of Macedonia). In the heart of the city on the famous walking street Macedonia with fabulous places for coffee and entertainment venues. TA School venue is placed right behind the Mother Theresa House, close to the city’s main tourist attractions in the business district with shops and restaurants.

2.     Fee and Hours of TA Education:  Participation fee is 50 euro; minimum 16 hours are acknowledged.

3.     Accommodation:  Theprice range for accommodation is from 15 to 70 euro per night. In the table belowyou can find useful links to hostels and hotels in Skopje in the neighbourhood near central area.

Hostels and Hotels ***stars

Hotels **** stars


In order to continue the good practice of organizing TA summer schools, we would value if you fill in the application form for the EATA Eight Summer/Autumn School on the following link:

The Programme with the specific themes of the lectures will be send to everyone who is interested as soon as we have the final acceptance/decisions from all invited lecturers.

Also, we will appreciate if you could forward this invitation and application form to your colleagues and friends, who might be interested in attending the EATA Summer/Autumn School in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

In addition, here are couple of links for exploring Macedonia, in case you would like to know something more about our country:,

With warmest regards and with hope to see you in September,


Nadica Kostoska

Eleonora Pancevska Nikolovska

 Macedonian Association of Transactional Analysis – MATA

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