ITAA: “Courage, Physis, and Resilience: Resources for a New Emerging World”


3-5 June 2022
Running for 3 days, 24 hours a day,to cover all time zones

In living memory, there have been a number of global events that have changed our lives: The First and Second World Wars and the September 11th terrorist attacks, to name but a few. Now we are experiencing a pandemic that has affected people on a worldwide scale, crossing boundaries between countries and impacting our habits, traditions, rituals, and everyday activities.
We are still struggling to find new ways of relating, working, and living in these altered times, and most of us are experiencing loneliness, distance from others, and fear. We need to find new resources to face this challenge as well as the serious and ongoing challenge of climate change. In this area, in particular, we need to take into account the environment, acknowledging that we are not the owners but the caretakers of the natural world. We need to discover, understand, and develop deep respect and humility about our role on this planet. As part of these necessary adjustments, we need to develop our resilience and find the courage to live in this new and changing world.